It’s time to rise.

I’m Erin, creator of Carve Your Path, and Co-Founder of Revkor Fitness. Over the last two decades, I’ve helped thousands of people REBEL against the fitness industry’s hamster wheels, and find the focus and motivation they need to get (and stay) on a bold path to change.

There’s a reason you’re tired of looking for the right coach, diet, and workout. The endless stream of info-overload leaves us feeling more confused than ever, and we’re forgetting about the most important tool we have: OUR OWN WISDOM. Your body is telling you exactly what it needs, so let’s help you listen.

The best part? All the answers are free.

How did I get here? Well, I’m probably a lot like you: I always knew my calling, then life puts it to the test. I was born with a huge love of movement, but I was never an athlete. I was born to move from the soul, with a crazy passion for dancing in the grass, climbing trees, and trekking through streams. All I wanted to do was move with joy and be in nature, and really, nothing has changed.

Through all of life’s challenges – traumas, losses, breakups, and endless adventures on my career path – two things have always been present for me: a deep commitment to movement and community. I’ve been teaching yoga, fitness, and dance all along the way, and since the 90s, I’ve seen all the fads and diets come and go. I’ve helped women rise above rigid programs, and get off the endless failure cycles designed to take your money and leave you right back where you started.

Nutrition and exercise science is finally getting smarter, and my goal is to help you make the best sense of it that you can. It’s about getting back to basics. I want to help you listen to your body, so you can move, live, and love daily in ways that help you feel strong, free, and more connected to who you’ve always been at your core. Helping you understand which foods will help you feel vibrant and heal. 

Best of all, let’s work together to create the strongest possible mindset, so that all this becomes second nature. 

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