2 steps to laser focus.

Eye on the prize.


The road to great success is paved with discipline. If this sounds boring or rigid, I promise you it’s anything but.

Motivation and willpower only get us halfway around the block. To stay the course, we need something way more foolproof and less dependant on a good mood. When we’re on a willpower high, it feels like nothing can stop us.

Except for some of these…any sound familiar?

  • Work is getting pretty busy, I’ll have to start fresh next week.
  • I’m just not feeling the results I want, it’s easier to just be “realistic” and tone down my efforts.
  • My friends tell me I’m obsessed with my workouts, maybe I should ease off.
  • I’m exhausted. Life is just too busy for all this. Maybe I’m not such a Rebel after all.

Step One: Climb the hurdles.

Push past doubts and choose to become the person who achieves our goals.

We think we’re the only one with a perpetual reel of discouraging dialogue going through our minds, but guess what?  It’s there for everyone.  From Oprah to Gretzky, we’re pretty sure we won’t find anyone who doesn’t battle that doubting voice inside.

  1. Busy? You don’t need to push harder and exhaust yourself. Habits create the quickest roadmap to success, and since you design the roadmap, be sure to create one that supports a balanced lifestyle.
  2. Discouraged?  We all feel it from time to time. Use the power of your morning mindset practice to help you stay focused.
  3. Unsupported?  It’s more common than you would think. When we decide to do things for ourselves, sometimes others don’t like it. Know this negativity is about them, not you. Stay strong.
  4. Wiped?  First, listen to your body. THEN, remember your WHY. Get rest, stay positive, and focus on your purpose and mission.
  5. Compromised?  When we’re nursing an old injury, working with chronic pain, or the feelings of compromised health, it can be hard to stay positive and on track.  Focus on where you are strong.  Whether that’s your legs, core, mind, breath, or determination, unleash your best strengths and focus on ways you shine.

Step Two: Zone-in.

Here are our top tips for getting – and staying – in The Zone.

  1. ZONE IN.  Write your vision and purpose down. Look at them every day (all day, if you can!).
  2. STAY HERE When a star ball player gears up to swing the bat, are they pondering their grocery list and their post-game drink order? Odds are, the only thing they think, see, feel…it’s the sound of that ball hitting the bat. Be where you are, and focus on where you’re at.
  3. RECALIBRATE.  Use the energy of GRIT to allow yourself the experience of falling and getting back up. Failure is proof that you’re trying, so dust off, gather your lessons, reframe your perspective, and soldier on, Rebel!

Focus and freedom help create a path toward a life with more creativity, bravery, and spontaneity. Discipline actually works to create the foundation for the vibrant life you want, filled with opportunity.

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