Should you rescue Rover?

With 3 rescue mutts, I get a lot of emails and messages on Instagram from people asking for advice. Should adopt? How, and from where?

I love this! Here are the 3 big barriers/myths I hear. If you’re thinking about rescuing, maybe this helps:

3 Myths About Rescue Dogs:

1. “You just never know what you’re getting.”

Actually, most adoptable pets are in foster care so you’re going to know EXACTLY what you’re getting…they’re going to give you the straight goods because they want successful adoptions.

2. “I’ll never get exactly what I’m looking for.”

Imagine if we looked for our partners the way we do dogs?

“I’m looking for a brown haired man with a shortened nose, bulging eyes, and wrinkly legs.”

HA! Like dating, you may not get exactly what you think you want, but if you follow your gut, you’ll end up with BETTER. PLUS, while you absolutely can find purebred dogs for adoption, mixed breed dogs are often healthier, heartier dogs thanks to genetic diversity.

3. “I can’t rescue a dog because I want a puppy.”

Listen, personally, I LOVE bypassing the potty-training/chew my favourite shoes phase. Rescuing a dog past the puppy stage is totally my jam, but if you have your heart set on a little babe, puppies are available for adoption ALL THE TIME.

Looking for a rescue? Do your research and look for a reputable rescue. If you’re in Ontario, my three come from All Breed Canine Rescue, The Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society and Finding Them Homes. You might also check out Cambridge Humane Society and Taffy’s Legacy locally. 

My three beige beauties have brought more joy to my life than I could ever express. We’re they hard work? No more than any new puppy who needs guidance and training.

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