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Will we survive COVID-19?

“Stay humble or get humbled.” – Jocko Willink

Small business life will light you up. It’s an incredible, illuminating ride. Right now during COVID-19, we’re experiencing next-level challenges for business owners around the globe. Luckily, entrepreneurs are built to love solving challenges,

but times like these will also bring you to your knees. 

Even at the best of times, behind all the polished Instagram stories, photos, and illusions of success, is the reality of the sweat, blood, and huge fears you navigate to build a business – especially one that comes from your heart. Failure is part of the game. So is getting back up when we’ve fallen, dusting off, and looking for a different approach to the path.

If you’re in a rough patch with your business, here are some things that have helped me, and continue to keep me striving with all my might during COVID-19.


1. Get a coach – it will help you keep perspective and look at things from new angles.

2. Grind like a ball player would: Take your hits and go forward, asking – what’s a better strategy tomorrow?

3. Read Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Then read it again.

4. Remember your why. It’s your North Star.

5. You will be criticized and disliked along your entire entrepreneur’s journey – establish good tools to navigate your feelings on that. It DOES get easier with time.

6. Lift your team up, even during the darkest hours. We’re stronger when we have – and keep – good people in our corner.

7. Get a therapist.

8. Remember, entrepreneurs change the world. Your vision and your work matters, and you’re brave AF for giving it all you’ve got.

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